People come from all over to visit Nashville and find out whats cool in Nashville now. Well there is nothing cooler than the best ice cream Nashville has to offer. Nashville's Dancin serves up the best of three worlds all in one location. If your not in the mood for ice cream or dessert you can treat your self to the next example of what is fun to do in Nashville.

Whether your looking for the mid day pick me up, or a cup of coffee in the morning to get going. Finding the best coffee in Nashville is no easy task. That is because there are countless coffee shops in Nashville that serve up a variety of coffee options. For us it comes down to where the coffee beans are sourced and if the beans are ethically sourced, how long is the process before they are roasted served to the customer. Luckily we found the best cup of coffee in Nashville to save you the leg work. Next time your in need of coffee in downtown Nashville you will know where to go.

Still not satisfied with the Nashville options yet? We know the best restaurants in Nashville and how to get in. Once again, like coffee in Nashville, restaurants in Nashville are a dime a dozen. Finding a unique restaurant in Nashville that provides you a great experience of the creativity that flows through the city is easy if you ask us. They serve up wild game and serve you family style. This top rated Nashville restaurant is located in downtown Nashville in the middle of Opryland.

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